TNU favors collaborative learning. We ask our participants to actively contribute to the programme. Participation can be in the form of active contributions to the discussions, asking critical questions to fellow participants and to the coaches, suggesting useful sites or cooperating with others in the completion of the assignments. The participants are made co-responsible for the exchange of knowledge and level of interaction in TNU's courses. This process is facilitated by the daily availability of the coaches who guide you through the learning process within your online learning community.

Every week there will be different assignments. The assignments aim at reflecting the content provided and stimulating discussion for a further deepening of the content. Parallel to the assignments, the 'Forum' provides explicit space for further debate, questions and exchange of knowledge.

The programme is taught and supervised entirely on the Internet in English language. Participants enter the course with an individual password, and attend at their own convenience, pace and level of intensity during the time the course is running.

Weekly assignments and intensive discussions form a central part of the programme to promote knowledge exchange and knowledge sharing among the participants, coaches and external experts involved.