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New course on Gender and Conflict Transformation from the 9 Febuary to 5 March 2004. This four-week online course brings together worldwide expertise on the relationship between gender and conflict transformation. This course will empower women to become key agents in conflict transformation. The course uses a variety of interactive methods that stimulate thinking and exchange. Take a look at our demosite or download the folder.

Online Course on Conflict Resolution starting 9 February to 5 March 2004: "Transforming Civil Conflict" in cooperation with Bradford University. During the course the participants are familiarised with contemporary theories of conflict and conflict resolution, acquainted with a range of relevant information on conflict on the Internet and introduced to practical issues and debates within the field. They are brought together in a 'learning community' with people with a professional interest in conflict. For more information or check the demosite.

Recent publication on the course "Developing an Online Learning Pedagogy for Conflict Resolution Training" Bradford University, TNU by Laina Reynolds and Lambrecht Wessels. Click on demosite to find it.

Fifth online course 'Dynamics of the water sector' from 3.-21 November 2003: Offered in cooperation with Noragric, the Centre for International Environment and Development Studies in Norway, this course focuses on the global water supply situation and the potential and risks of private-public partnerships in the urban water sector. It is geared towards sector staff from governmental organisations and NGOs, consultants, and students with a specific interest in the topic. Take a look at the demo site. Please note that this course is already booked out.

From 6-17 October 2003, the 2-week online course 'How to create an online course' is offered for the fourth time. The course aims are twofold: To familiarise participants with the theory and practice of online learning and to enable them to develope basic material for their own online course during the course. Deadline for registration is 30 September 2003. Visit our demosite to find out more.

TNU receives EU 2002 'World Aware Education Award'! TNU's online programme on 'Youth and Conflict' has received the 2002 EuropeanEducation Awareness Award for excellence in networking, partnership and co-ordination to increase and improve global education. The course brings together existing expertise in conflict transformation within youth work and links formal and informal education into an online collaborative learning experience. Take a look at the Youth and Conflict demo site here.

TNU has been awarded a Digital Pioneers Grant to develop a tool we have called "the split screen". This tool will allow conflicting parties to express and discuss their positions in an innovative and refreshing way. Eventually, the visitor will be able to see the differences and commonalities of the various opinions at a glance. Currently the project is in the pilot phase. Please visit our info-site.

"Leer je toekomst kiezen": Earning money or earning credits? Going out or going home? Caring for your family or caring for your friends? TNU has developed a 45 minute online programme for young people between 16 - 24 on choices and chances for creating their future. The programme has been funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs.
Read more or take the test and find out what you think of the future.

Report on the "Dutch ICT labour market" now available. TNU participated in an international comparative research project of German and UK universities to analyse the implications of the global economic down turn on the Amsterdam ICT labour market. Read more.

Online learning programme for UNICEF staff: TNU was chosen among nine E-learning institutions to develop a self-directed online learning programme for UNICEF staff on the principles of humanitarian action. You can take a look at the demosite we developed for this purpose.

14/10/2002. The Network University, in cooperation with the Biotechnology and Development Monitor and the CBDC , developed an online demonstration exercise covering a part of the pilot project on the Online Course for Mainstreaming the CBDC Approach. Three major aspects of Seed Systems in the developing world are covered in this demonstration. Let us know what you think about the demo!

New tripartite partnership: Online course package on sustainable development
TNU is pleased to announce a new partnership with ICIMOD and NORAGRIC. The three organisations have teamed up to jointly offer a package of three online courses addressing issues of sustainable development. The course topics will focus on: Sustainable Agriculture (Noragric), Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in mountain regions (ICIMOD), Supply of drinking water services (TNU)
The online courses are planned to be offered from spring 2003 on. The courses can be attended separately or together. Download the package brochure here!

19/7/02 - 9/8/02:
The Network University has been asked to develop three online experiences around the themes of Peace, Planet and Prosperity for the UWC Youth Action Summit 2002.
The online experiences are centred around moderated sessions, games, collaborative assignments and online chats between a truly international audience. Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the issues at stake and how these issues relate to different people around the world?
Get Connected! Get informed! Get Active!

De Discussieruimte:
drie voorbeelden waar het gebruikt werd

Baobab Connections is live! This is a site focussed on connecting young people across geographic borders around the subjects of globalisation, food security, social responsibility, the environment, poverty and even football. TNU was asked by Inzet to create the initial content for the site. Take a look. Get involved. Get connected.

29/7/2002. The Network University was asked by UNICEF to develop a demonstration of an online exercise that could be part of a self-directed online learning programme for UNICEF staff. We created the following demo which demonstrates the three fundamental principles of humanitarian action. We look forward to hearing what you think!

Fifth online course 'Dynamics of the water sector' from 24 June - 12 July 2002. The course focuses on private-public partnerships in the urban water and sanitation sector. It is designed for sector professionals, consultants, NGOs, and advanced students from all over the world. Interactive discussions and the exchange of experiences to deepen the subject are central.
Register here or take a look at the demo site.

Online Course on Conflict Resolution starting 1 July to 26 July 2002: "Transforming Civil Conflict" for 11th time in cooperation with Bradford University. For more information or check demosite. Recent publication on course just out! "Developing an Online Learning Pedagogy for Conflict Resolution Training" Bradford University, TNU by Laina Reynolds and Lambrecht Wessels. Click on demosite to find.

De resultaten van de discussieruimte van de gemeente Den Haag zijn nu online te bezichtigen.

Online debate "": Final report available
From 31.10.-13.11.2001 TNU and the Biotechnology and Development Monitor hosted the open online debate "Biotechnology & Food: Voices from a Southern perspective". More than 520 people registered to take part in what became an inspiring exchange of opinions. The debate was organised under the auspices of the Dutch governmental commission on Biotechnology and Food. Read the final report at:

TNU organised an Online Acceleration Room on May 31. Sounds intriguing? Log in and take a look at the results that this online event generated. TNU developed the concept with XPIN (Expertisebureau Innovatieve Beleidsvorming - with its roots in the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs) to help the bureau to open its doors in an open and innovative way. Why not take a look at (Dutch language)

The Network University in co-operation with UNESCO, The Meditteranian Women's Study Center (KEGME, Greece), Instraw and ACCORD ( in organizing an online debate on "The role of women in conflict resolution (especially) in the Balkans" , between 19-28 of February. Participation is free. More information through

TNU awarded EMPIRE GRANT by ISN (!

The EMPIRE GRANT (Awarding excellence in  Educational Multimedia Programs in International Relations) is awarded to online education programs of exceptional high quality in the fields of international relations and security policy. Projects are evaluated by a jury of renowned experts that check the course for quality of content and the didactics of interactive learning tools. The EMPIRE GRANT is awarded by the International Security Network (ISN) in Switzerland. ISN is a knowledge exchange center supported by the Swiss Government and is part of its contribution to the Partnership for Peace. It is run by the Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
"The jury found that the TCC course is excellent, and that the topic of your new project is important and interesting, and that your approach towards its realization is original and fascinating."

"What form of new politics matches the new economy?"

On November 29, TNU and Atos-Origin hosted a free online workshop on this subject. The event was hosted in conjunction with the "Overheidsmanagement Congress 2000". Interested parties could log-in and share their opinions with a panel of experts.


Trendwatch E-event during the Olympic Games.

On the 26th and the 28th of November 2000 an E-event took place together with MeetingMoreMinds and IBM.

Balkans youth camp

As part of expanding the course offerings for the "conflict resolution" knowledge cluster, TNU assisted different partners, in Olympia Greece, in organizing a Balkans youth camp. Contact for more information. UNISCA and TNU

In cooperation with the Network University, the UNISCA Foundation is running a virtual component to its annual course, the 'United Nations International Student Conference of Amsterdam'. Three hundred students will participate.

Road Map for a Democratic Europe

Andreas Papandreou Foundation Parallel to the the Symi Symposium, organised each year by the Andreas Papandreou Foundation, TNU organized a week long parallel online debate. The symposium, "Road Map for a Democratic Europe", was held on the Island of Spetses but participation in the online debates took place from around the world.

The United Nations International Student Conference of Amsterdam

Using the didactic framework of the Network University, the UNISCA Foundation is running a virtual component to its annual course, the 'United Nations International Student Conference of Amsterdam'. Starting september, three hundred students prepare for a role as UN delegate in a weeklong simulation of a United Nations General Assembly session in Amsterdam. Before and after the conference, the Internet is used in an integrated manner, doing away with the previous stand-alone nature of students' researching and writing, and allowing for more recent information to be threaded into the course. The virtual component, expected to be fully on-line come september, bears the name 'UNISCA Virtual Network' and will be open to guests to a certain exent.

News articles
Universities aim at media giants

Financial Times, 27 May 1999.