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The courses of TNU are online and collaborative courses organized within knowledge clusters. The courses listed within the "Skills sets for the Networked Age" cluster are recommended in combination with other courses as they compliment the learning process.

To facilitate collaboration with other participants courses have to be followed within specific time-frameworks. This ensures that as a participant you are guaranteed both a high degree of interaction with your fellow participants as well as a high degree of feedback and support from the course coaches.

Transforming Civil Conflict (SEE DEMO SITE)

This is an intensive four-week course online course on international conflict resolution. The target group is professionals that work in conflict areas and students with a special interest in the topic. The aim of the program is to help prepare participants for work in conflict areas and to make their work more effective. During the course the participants are familiarised with contemporary theories of conflict and conflict resolution, acquainted with a range of relevant information on conflict on the Internet and introduced to practical issues and debates within the field. They are brought together in a 'learning community' with people with a professional interest in conflict. The subjects for each of the three weeks are: Introduction to Conflict Resolution, Conflict Analysis Conflict Prevention. The students participate through online debates, assignments and exercises and are coached online. For more information:

The programme consists of three parts:
1. Introduction to Conflict Transformation
2. Conflict Mapping
3. Conflict Prevention

The programme takes approximately 40 hours and has to be completed in four weeks. The minimum number of participants is 10.

Costs:     € 300,
limited partial scholarships available

Dates 2013:
1- 26 April 2013. You can find more information about this course on its demonstration pages. Please register here for this course.

If you want to be informed on further details on the content for any of the courses please send an e-mail to Claske Dijkema.

* The amount in Euros is fixed; fees in other currency depends on exchange rate on the day of subscription. The price in Euros is the index price.
Admission to the programme can only take place after we have received payment.