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For each course TNU will provide participants with a course-specific information package. Each package also contains the following elements:

 Expectations from the participant
 What participants can expect from TNU
 Important guidelines for during the course

Expectation from the participant

Registration and profile
All participants are asked to fill in a registration form and elaborate their personal profile. The profile will be accessible to all participants of a course so that they may, in this manner, introduce themselves and begin to get to know one another.

Participation and group work
As should be clear from the didactic principles of TNU, we ask our participants to actively contribute to the programme. Participation takes place in the form of active contributions to the discussions, asking critical questions to fellow participants and to the coaches, suggesting good websites or co-operating with others in the completion of the assignments. Whatever form the participation takes, it actively contributes to the content of the course (the communal knowledge pool) for which participants share a responsibility.

The feedback during the programme is focused at two levels. Firstly, participants can expect feedback and interaction from their fellow participants over the duration of the course.
Secondly, feedback tools are located in the Internet call center where coaches respond to participants either individually or in groups. The Call Center is an online hub providing direct and continuous communication between participants, coaches and experts.

At the end of the course, participants are expected to complete and submit an evaluation form. The evaluation form is accessible online.

We expect our participants to contribute to serious academic discussions and to communicate with other participants in a respectful and constructive manner.


What participants can expect from TNU

Technical assistance
The TNU team is available to assist participants in their own learning adventures. The primary focus of TNU's input is content oriented. If participants feel that they would first like to sharpen their online skills, TNU has provided an online workshop entitled online.learning@your.fingertips. Any questions still left unanswered can be directed to the supervisors.

Content related feedback
The TNU team will strive to respond to any questions participants have within one hour of receiving them . Presently this is applicable from Monday - Friday from 8.30 - 17.00 (European standard time).In the future we will strive for a 24 hour feedback mechanism. Only in instances where supervisors need to direct a question to one of our external experts or university professors, might it take longer than an hour.

TNU course team
The profiles of the team members are accessible to all participants.


Important guidelines for during the course.

Certain tools will be provided by TNU in order to facilitate the collaborative and competence based learning. These tools consist for example of forum discussion rooms, instant messaging, and interactive assignments.

Assignments will take on many forms and shapes. They will vary from online, interactive, edutainment based assignments to sending text-based 'papers' to the coach. Due to this variety some guidelines such as referencing digital sources and netiquette, will need to be adhered to. These guidelines will be made explicit at the start of each programme.