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The courses of TNU are online and collaborative courses organized within knowledge clusters. The courses listed within the "Skills sets for the Networked Age" cluster are recommended in combination with other courses as they compliment the learning process.

To facilitate collaboration with other participants courses have to be followed within specific time-frameworks. This ensures that as a participant you are guaranteed both a high degree of interaction with your fellow participants as well as a high degree of feedback and support from the course coaches.

Socially responsible investment

The New Economy and a long period of economic growth have led to a considerable increase in private wealth. Many owners want their savings not only to earn interest. They want to invest them in a socially responsible way (in the sense that they do not harm the environment, contribute to stakeholder participation, improve community welfare and reduce imbalances in North-South relations). But most financial institutions lack experienced the staff to apply such criteria, in spite of the demand. This situation is addressed by this programme. It aims at researchers of large investors and makes them familiar with the techniques that have been developed in this field and the available sources of information.

- a 5 hour programme lasting one week
- a 15 hour programme lasting 3 weeks

Costs: EURO 450.-- *

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*Admission to the programme can only take place after we have received payment.