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The courses of TNU are online and collaborative courses organized within knowledge clusters. The courses listed within the "Skills sets for the Networked Age" cluster are recommended in combination with other courses as they compliment the learning process.

To facilitate collaboration with other participants courses have to be followed within specific time-frameworks. This ensures that as a participant you are guaranteed both a high degree of interaction with your fellow participants as well as a high degree of feedback and support from the course coaches.

Dynamics of the Water Sector:
Institutional changes in the urban water and sanitation sector - risks and opportunities

The debate on how to achieve an adequate supply of drinking water and sanitation worldwide has gained increasing momentum in the last decade. Key factors are an expanding demand for water, diminishing quality, a need for investments and, at the same time, a potential for profits in the sector. An important trend emerging from this debate is increasing Private Sector Participation (PSP) and the implementation of more market-orientated strategies in the water and sanitation sector. This trend, however, is no universal panacea but raises a range of questions about its applicability and the requirements for a successful implementation. PSP rather needs to be carefully tailored to the individual situation in which it is applied.

This three-week, interactive, online course is provided by TNU in cooperation with the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre. It aims to acquaint participants with the issues at stake around public-private partnerships in the urban water and sanitation sector: with different stakeholders' interests, experiences with various forms of private sector participation world-wide, with regulation and likely future institutional developments.

The course is designed for professionals involved with the planning, design, and implementation of private sector participation in the water and sanitation sector. It also addresses politicians and professionals in neighbouring sectors, NGOs and students who want to widen their knowledge on this topic. Participants are offered access to a knowledge network where they share their experiences and cooperate in group discussions and assignments. Major sites of the sector and recent publications are provided during the course. The estimated workload depends on participants familiarity with the subject, on average 12-15 hours weekly have to be taken into account.

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