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Transforming Civil Conflict
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Youth Transforming Conflict
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Youth Transforming Conflict
The course is a capacity building project in conflict transformation for youth leaders. This course empowers youth leaders with a deep understanding of the dynamics of conflict and community development and the positive role young people can play in transformation. It will facilitate an intensive, collaborative, online-learning experience focused on generating new insights and building the skills necessary for responsible change.
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Who should attend this course?
The course is developed for active members in a national, local or international youth organizations, National Youth Council, a voluntary worker with youth and governmental organizations and/or other youth networks; with motivation to explore the field of conflict transformation, mediation and intercultural learning; between the age of 16 and 30 years; already experienced in transforming conflicts, mediation or intercultural learning through youth work, or live in the reality of conflict in everyday practice; interested to actively participate in an online learning process and discover more about conflict and conflict transformation and the role young people can play in it.

To be determined. Limited amount of scholarships are available.

Course Dates
No new dates available.